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Catch all live cricket action online. Bet for your favorite team and experience the fun and get a chance to win big on the best gaming platform in India


Bat, bowl and field your way to the top of the league in this fast, fun, exciting and authentic real-time Cricket game.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the world’s oldest sports, and until recently, only a few countries competed professionally, including Australia, India, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and New Zealand. However, the game has expanded dramatically over the previous decade, and the Major League Cricket event will be formally inaugurated in the United States in 2023.


The Cricket Betting Experience

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Cricket Betting | 1 Cric India

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Online Cricket Betting

Cricket and baseball share many similarities, so there are numerous aspects of a single match on which to bet. This can result in an extremely thrilling betting experience, which can be experienced in various ways in India.

According to statistics, India has the largest online cricket fan following in the world, accounting for 90% of all cricket fans. On a global basis, this sport has over 2.5 billion followers. Cricket has played an essential role in Indian culture. The cricket betting industry has grown over time and is prospering in India. People enjoy betting on cricket, particularly on wickets, runs, players, teams and match losses or wins. Aside from that, several more variables are driving the expansion of cricket betting in India.

You may find retail sportsbooks in casinos, sports bars, and stadiums. If cricket betting is legal in your jurisdiction, you can also do it online.

With internet betting platforms, users may wager from practically anywhere and at any time without difficulty. Gambling is typically outlawed in India, however it is widely permitted in three states: Goa, Daman, and Sikkim. With a large market potential, businesses are interested in investing in cricket betting software development to reach a large audience and make a lot.

Not all states allow access to US sportsbooks, so we recommend using approved offshore sportsbooks instead. It is legal to wager with these operators, and many bettors choose to use them because the odds are generally better.

Growth of Online Cricket Betting In India

Cricket betting is steadily increasing over time. And there are several reasons for this. To address this further, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key factors driving the expansion of online cricket betting in India:

Enhanced Convenience

While there are no explicit laws or rules against online betting in India, it is somehow forbidden in several areas of the nation. With a few clicks, you may place bets on cricket online from anywhere at any time using a laptop or smartphone. To win enormous sums of money, all you have to do is download a betting app on your iPhone or Android device, register, and place bets. In a couple of seconds, you can wager on your preferred player or team thanks to flawless internet access.

Popularity of Cricket
As cricket is enormously popular in India, it is also a reason why cricket betting is booming in the country. With millions of individuals interested in following cricket leagues, tournaments, and matches, betting on cricket has become a convenient and go-to-option for consumers across the globe.

Increased Safety
There are a lot of payment options that are safe, secure, and reputable, and provide users with rapid and instant payment and withdrawals. These methods are incredibly real and enable users to one-touch transactions that are end-to-end encrypted and don’t allow data leaks.
Quick Way To Make Fortune

With improved trust and credibility, individuals are now more inclined towards online betting platforms for cricket instead of traditional sportsbook platforms. Online gambling sites give customers a frictionless approach to generate quick money and fortune. By taking part in premier leagues, events and tournaments, you can genuinely make a considerable amount of money. All you need to understand the cricket market, choose the proper team or player to make a good bet.

Countless Betting Opportunities

There are a number of betting tournaments and contests taking place over the globe which offer players countless betting options on cricket events including IPL, BPL, and Big Bash. Both smaller and larger events get a lot of attention with the introduction of technology and online cricket gambling platforms. People take part in such competitive tournaments to demonstrate their betting abilities and knowledge to make a fortune via internet betting.

How Cricket Betting Works

Let’s look at a few possible cricket bets to acquire a better understanding of how cricket betting works at offshore sportsbooks.

If you think West Indies will beat India in the forthcoming T20 match, you could place a bet with odds of +174. A win for the West Indies with a $10 investment would reward you $27.40.

Method of 1st dismissal can be a lucrative market as the odds are high and there is a lot of data that can aid in anticipating how a batter could get out. You may quickly and easily look at their latest recent dismissals and check how the opening and change bowlers tend to get their wickets.

For example, stumpings are exceedingly rare since the keeper is standing back for the pace bowlers, so avoid cricket wagers on this. Meanwhile, run outs rarely occur in a lengthier version of cricket early on in Tests since there isn’t pressure to score so intensely.

Caught and bowled is another rare dismissal especially for the early pace bowlers. This means it will likely come down to one of three outcomes — bowled, caught, or leg before wicket (LBW).

How To Place A Cricket Bet

1. Sign Up

Go to any of our suggested sportsbooks. For example, if you go to 1 Cric India, you may begin the sign-up procedure by clicking ‘Join’. Enter the needed personal details, including your name and address.

2. Make a Deposit

Once logged in, go to the cashier and select a deposit method. Nominate your deposit amount and follow any prompts to complete the transaction. It is at this time that any welcome bonus will normally be collected.

3. Search the Markets

Navigate to the sportsbook and choose ‘Cricket’ from the Sports A-Z list on the left-side menu. Click on any match or series to discover the possible markets.

4. Place Your Bet

By clicking on an option (ie a moneyline bet on India to beat West Indies) you’ll quickly see your bet drop into the bet slip. Any bets you click on will be sent to this slip, which means you can place many bets at once or build parlays.

5. Finalize Your Bet

Make sure you’ve set up your bet or bets effectively and set your stake for each bet. Confirm the bet by clicking the green button at the bottom of the slip. Your bet will be instantly placed.

6. Wait for the Results

Now you can just sit back and watch the match. If your bet is successful, you’ll be able to claim a withdrawal as soon as you meet the minimal requirements. Remember, if you placed a bet using bonus cash, you may still have a playthrough requirement to clear.

Types Of Cricket Bet

To really grasp how to bet on cricket successfully, you’ll need to be completely caught up on the numerous bet types on offer. There is nothing too extraordinary about cricket betting and anyone who has gambled on sport previously would comprehend cricket bet types quite fast.


Just like placing a moneyline bet in any other sport, this is a simple gamble on which team will win the match. Tied matches are very much conceivable in all forms of cricket, hence this market will often be offered 3-ways.

Match Props

Knowing how to bet on cricket is key to taking advantage of these bets. contest prop bets are unique outcomes that can occur throughout a contest that are not depending on the final outcome of the match itself. For example, “Will there be a century in the match?” or “Which batting team will score the highest score in the 1st 6 overs?” are forms of prop bets.

Player Props

Just with match props, these outcomes are not tied up with the final result of the match. Unlike match props, these bets are based on individual player performances. For example, betting on which player would score the most runs in a match or take the most wickets.


This is an outright sort of bet on which cricket team will win an entire tournament or series and the bet is placed before the tournament even started. Most sportsbooks will provide futures markets like Series Winner, Tournament Winner or Outright Winner for major cricket events and Tours way in advance — as much as a year in advance in certain circumstances.


This includes kinds of bets like spreads and totals. A totals bet is betting on whether a total will be over or under a given number and can encompass individual batter scores, team batting score, or total combined team scores. Spread betting for cricket involves picking the winner and by what margin.

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How To Bet On Live Cricket In India

Live betting gives multiple benefits when betting on any sport and takes a small edge away from the bookmaker. This is partly because of the quick reaction rates needed to move odds in real-time which may provide to a great lot of value for sports bettors with a keen eye and a solid understanding of cricket.

Live betting is easy to understand. Open the market window for your chosen cricket match and you’ll see all the available markets in real-time. The odds will change reactively to game events. This is when your cricket knowledge can come in handy.

For example, the odds on the fall of the next wicket might be in over 50 runs’ time but you know your team’s approach well. A bowling change is coming up and the current batter getting terrifying runs against the pace attack doesn’t do well against spinners.

You can put a bet under 50 runs at exceptional odds shortly before the change of bowling which could lead those odds to tighten considerably. If you’re correct and the batter soon falls to the fresh spin attack, you’ll benefit owing to taking advantage of slow, reacting live odds.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn how to bet on cricket and win. We’ve selected some of our top cricket betting ideas that will set you up for victory. Follow this cricket betting strategy and you’ll feel more prepared to safely bet on cricket in India.

  • Know the Key Players – Learn all about each team’s greatest players and how they compare to others. A team can have a few outstanding hitters known for rapid run scoring. However, those same big hitters could be “flat track bullies”, only reliable for scoring against fast bowling on flat tracks that cause little difficulty for batting.

  • Consider Weather Conditions – The weather is extremely influencing, especially in test cricket, and the pitch conditions are much more essential. Look to determine if the pitch is a “road” which will significantly advantage batters due to its quick tempo and lack of grip. Equally, an unclean or dusty surface will take pace off the ball and spin more, making it harder to score.

  • Bet Live – Due to the fast pace and reactiveness of live betting, you’ll often receive significantly greater odds while betting live than you would pre-match. A usual cricket betting tip is to bet on the money line straight after the first ball since the odds will often immediately rise to more valuable lines than the closing pre-match lines before the start of play.

  • Look for Arbitrage Chances – This is especially frequent when live betting on cricket. Look for possibilities to cover your bets and ensure profit. Using two sportsbooks is an improved way of obtaining different odds and figuring out arbitrage betting possibilities.

  • Live Bet on Pressure – Pressure brings wickets. Seek for a batter that hasn’t earned runs in quite some time or a team that has faced significant dot balls. Even the most well-tempered players can hit a hasty shot when under compulsion and you may take advantage of late-reacting odds when you predict the wicket before it occurs throughout live betting.

  • Consider Team Composition – Consider the individuals in each squad in detail and how each player may challenge each other. Left- and right-hand batting combinations can be difficult to bowl against whereas a side with a leg spinner will prefer bowling to right-handers, as they’ll spin the ball away from the body.

Types Of Cricket Formats

There are two main varieties of the game of cricket, and knowing the difference between them will help you bet correctly. That encompasses the various formats of limited-overs cricket as well as test cricket. Here we list every common form of cricket that offshore sportsbooks accept.

Test Cricket

The original, genuine game. Cricket Played over the course of several innings, test matches are reminiscent of baseball games. The goal of a five-day Test match, which typically consists of 90 overs each day, is to win by scoring more runs than the other team and bowling them out in two innings. When one team travels to another nation, individual matches can be a part of a larger series played at various locations.

One Day / List A Cricket

Batting innings in one-day cricket are limited to 50 overs and take place over the course of a single day or night. Victory goes to the side with the highest run total. At an international level, these are called One Day Internationals (ODIs).

T20 Cricket

Twenty20 (T20) cricket is a shorter game in which each team only have 20 overs in their innings. This particular form of cricket focuses a great deal on extraordinarily high run rates and late-game bowling methods.

T10 Cricket

An even shorter cricket limited-overs match in which each team has an innings of just ten overs. This format hasn’t exactly taken off yet and is mostly used by emerging leagues where a few squads are likely to make it to 20 overs or more.


100-ball cricket was the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) reaction to decreasing ticket sales in domestic One Day and T20 cricket competitions. Each team confronts 100 balls and the team that scores the most runs wins. There are several rule modifications and substantially shorter boundaries that attempt to make scoring simpler with aggressive batting vital. This creates speedier matches, helping cricket reach more accessibility to a casual audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest option to bet on cricket in India is to use a reliable offshore bookmaker, such as 1 Cric India. You’ll get excellent odds and a great choice of markets covering both international events and franchise leagues.

Common cricket forms:

  1. Test Cricket
  2. ODI ( One Day International)
  3. T20
  4. T10
  5. 100-Ball

You can either bet utilizing a prominent Indian sportsbook via your mobile devices or desktop browser or, ideally in our opinion, you can visit a top sports exchange.

The easiest option to bet on cricket in India is to use a reliable offshore bookmaker, such as 1 Cric India. You’ll get excellent odds and a great choice of markets covering both international events and franchise leagues.

Moneyline bets and futures bets are the most typical among cricket bettors in India. However, spread bets and totals will become a favorite when more gamblers eventually come around to offering such cricket wagers.

Choosing a best cricket betting app really depends on how you play.

You might also want to consider your budget, app features, information and best customer support.

1CRIC is effectively the best cricket betting app in India. with lots of features, real-time information about the game, 24/7 customer support, fair gameplay and fast withdrawal.

By choosing a betting app, preferably 1CRIC, promotions and bonuses can boost your balance if you understand the terms and conditions. You may also choose offers alingned with your gaming style.

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